“Unless you are a hermit, you can definitely benefit from this book. For those interested in improving their lives, their parenting skills, their leadership skills, their teaching skills, and their relationship skills, this is a must read.”

From the Business World:

“I am an organizational trainer and consultant. .. Thank you for a wonderful book. I have recommended it to many of my colleagues and clients.”

I am starting a business, and there’s a lot that I don’t know how to do. Being able to recognize a fixed mindset in myself is a huge boost to my ability to persevere and take on challenges that are beyond my present abilities.

“I am a psychologist who does clinical work and some consulting with businesses. I found your book Mindset fascinating. “

“As a business owner, I hope I can take what I learned from this book and not only use it to help my business grow, but also help my employees grow by helping them achieve a “growth mindset.”

“In my work as talent and career consultant, we work with companies to help them be proactive and strategic in retaining their employees and to positively support the contribution of an individual. I think your concept is really powerful.”

“For many years my vision has been to show people in trainings and workshops the mental cage they are in and to provide a key to open it. Your work seems to me to be that key.”

“If you believe that you can change the way you manage your wealth learning from your mistakes and NOT feeling uneasy about your state right now, you will be empowered to move forward, without wasting one single minute in feeling sorry for yourself... This is one of the best books I’ve read.”

From Educators:

“Your work has changed my life, as a learner, as a teacher, as a teacher of teachers, as a coach for parents.”

“This is a book every teacher needs to read.”

“I am writing to thank you for your incredible book. Not only is the information helpful and life changing, the style and the voice of your writing is extraordinary... I will be a better teacher, mom, and person for reading your book.“

“I’m reading your book, Mindset, and love it. I’m recommending it to EVERYONE. It is a life-changer for all of us and also a powerfully good practice-changer for teachers.

“Thank you for your significant contributions. I teached psych and methods courses and your work has guided much of what I discuss with pre-service teachers.”

“Just finished the 42 pages of reading for today’s faculty meeting. Brilliant...Your words moved me very much. Wonderful teaching stories about fascinating people...Your work inspired me. Thank you.”

“I’ve been interested in and using your work in my own teaching for the past fifteen years.”

“I continue to find your research central to my work with students and with teachers. A nearby school system I have been training told me that the words I gave them to use–based in great measure on your work–have changed the atmosphere in their middle school almost overnight.”

“I’m recommending this book to all of my graduate students (teachers and principals working with gifted learners), as well as to parents of high-ability children.”

“Thanks for your profound ideas on motivation in your MindSet book.”

“As a teacher, it was wonderful to know that my positive attitude for my students can make a difference and help them learn. Many of my colleagues don’t feel this way, and it was affirming to read about the power a growth mindset can have for a child. Thanks.”

From Parents:

“Mindset has changed the way we parent. Thank you!”

“I just finished your book on mindsets. I found it fascinating and I intend to use it in my life and my young son’s too.

“I want to thank you for writing Mindset... Your book has given me hope that it is not too late to reach out for change, not only in my interactions with our children, but in the rest of my life as well... Thank you for devoting your life to such important work.”

“I just finished Mindset and loved it. ..My husband and I have been brain-storming ways to turn our praise for our boys into praise of effort over talent.”

“I love the book. I’ve bought copies for each of my nieces and nephews and have made it assigned summer reading for my teenage sons.”

“As the parent of a son with cerebral palsy, I always believed all the things about mindset Dr. Dweck says, yet in my commitment to helping him be all he could be, unintentionally helped him develop a fixed mindset by telling him he was smart. Since reading Mindset, I’m helping him develop a growth mindset. In less than a week, he has changed from someone who “stunk” in math to someone who is learning math.”

“Everyone can really learn and benefit from this book, but it should be mandatory reading for parents. ..If you want a happier life for yourself and your kids read this book.”